Anh-Thi DINH

PhD: Models & Test cases

Posted on 01/11/2018, in PhD.

error Because I cannot find the place I stored the notes for the models I have beed tested, this note is for them. I rewrite this for short!

This note was created while testing with Chopp’s model (chopp06combine). In this test, If we use Ghost Penalty method, the results become bad in some steps. I had modified some points in the code of Ghost penalty. That’s why I need to check again if there is something wrong with the old models?

NXFEM test cases

  • File main.m with file main_eachStep.m.
  • Models in nxfem\func\func_model:
    • Sinha
    • Becker
    • Barrau
  • See the models here.

Sinha’s test case

  • Article unfitted fem ellip para sinha.pdf
  • Check more info in this part of note.
  • Semilinear + interface but use IIM method.
  • Solution does NOT depend on the diffusion coefficients.