Git - Github - Gitlab notes

Posted on 28/11/2018, in Infomation Technology.

This note is used for my daily working routine with git.

  1. Set the information

    git config --global "Dinh Anh Thi"
    git config --global "[email protected]"
  2. Save github account as default

    git config credential.helper store

    then git pull for the first time input.

  3. Create a repository: git init <repo-name>

  4. Clone a repo (using HTTPS method): git clone <repo-link>

  5. Open git gui : git gui or gitk (they are different)

  6. Check the status: git status, git log --oneline --graph --color --all --decorate

  7. Discard the change: git checkout .

  8. Temporarily check a commit: git checkout <commitID>, if the work’s done, just check out back to the current working branch.

  9. Merge sub branch to master and replace master branch

    git checkout <nhanh>
    git merge -s ours master
    git checkout master
    git merge <nhanh>
  10. Working with branches

    • Compare 2 branches: git diff <src-branch> <compared-branch>
    • Delete: git branch -d <branch>
    • Delete (remove): git push --delete origin <branch>
    • Add description: git branch --edit-description (if you wanna exit Vim, press ESC then type :q to quit or :wq to quit and write)
  11. Error: Could not resolve host:

    git config --global --unset http.proxy 
    git config --global --unset https.proxy
  12. Copy/update a folder from another branch to current branch. Suppose that we wanna copy folder abc from branch test5 to current brach other-machine

    git checkout other-machine # go to current branch
    git checkout test5 path/to/abc
    git status # to see the change
  13. Pull from remote and replace everything from remote to local

    git fetch origin
    git reset --hard origin/master