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Reading: An introduction to Statistic Learning 1

Posted on 13/09/2018, in Mathematics, Machine Learning, Data Science.

I use this note to archive everything I learn from the book An introduction to statistic learning by Gareth James. Note that, I read this book on a electronic version. So, there are many remarks I wrote directly on the pdf file.

keyboard_arrow_right Read my ISL’s pdf file. (available after I finish this book)


  • Page 10
  • ISL: Introduction to Statistic Learning (this book)
  • ESL: ELements of Statistical Learning by Hastie, Tibbshirani and Friedman.
  • $p$ = number of variables (year, sex, age) or features (in ML)
  • $n$ = number of observations
  • $x_{ij}$ = the value of the jth variable for the ith observation.
    • $i=1,\ldots,n$
    • $j=1,\ldots,p$
  • $x_i$ = a vector of lenght $p$ containing the $p$ variable measurements for the ith observation.
  • $\mathbf{x}_j$ for jth variables
  • a vector of length $n$ (variables) are always denoted in lower case bold


  • ISL is a book written for ones come before reading book ESL.
  • ISL only uses R but there are also codes in Python here or here.
  • Website of the book.
  • ISLR package for R.

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